Why Spanish?

Learning another language is a great way to meet new people, to experience different music, cultures, cuisine and literature.  Why learn Spanish and not a different language?

Reason 1

It’s a truly global language with the second largest number of native speakers in the World after Chinese. There are 21 countries that speak Spanish as their first language, with a combined population of nearly 500 million people. Spanish is also the second language of the USA with 50 million speakers. If current trends continue Spanish may soon become the first language in the US.

Reason 2

Spanish is the language of romance, of music, salsa, tango and Latin hip hop. It is the language of literature with famous authors such as Cervantes, Lorca and Gabriel Garcia Marquez and also of art , from Picasso to Dali.

Reason 3

It’s one of the easiest languages for English speakers to get to grips with, because we share many of the same words. Did you know that 30% of English vocabulary is derived from Latin, the mother language of Spanish? You already know a vast amount of Spanish!

Reason 4

Spanish is the language of the future, of commerce and business. With rapidly growing populations coupled with vast natural resources, South America is becoming increasingly important as an emerging market. There will be ever more opportunities for trade, business and development in Latin America over the next few decades. So Spanish is a worthwhile language to learn if you want to get ahead, especially when you consider that in the US it is already the second language. Visit Texas, Arizona, California and Florida and you will experience how important Spanish has become