My Approach

Spanish is a living language and therefore needs to be experienced in multiple media, not just from the dry pages of a text book. True emersion comes from exposure to the language in its myriad forms, from the famous music of the Buena vista social club, to the passion of tango and the vibrancy of Latin hip hop, to the films and books that contribute to such a rich culture.

To learn a language takes commitment, but when you allow that language to infuse your very being, then proficiency soon follows. This forms the central tenet of my approach, one predicated on emersion through exposure. I bring the language alive, enabling you to experience Spanish in all its form, from its linguistic beauty to beguiling complexity.

My approach is closely aligned with the work of Maria Blanco, with the emphasis on smart ways of learning.

‘Students who are good at learning Spanish understand and practice smart ways of learning. They consciously manage their learning, enjoy it and make the most of it through the embrace of inspirational stories, ideas and simple steps’, Maria Blanco