It’s never been a better time to learn Spanish! with nearly 500 million native speakers and over 21 Spanish speaking countries, Spanish is the second most widely spoken language across the globe after Chinese. Learning such a vibrant language provides a vast array of opportunities, from travel to business.

The good news! Spanish is one of the easiest languages for English speakers to learn!  They both use the Roman alphabet and share over 1,000 cognates, which essentially means you already possess an extensive vocabulary of Spanish words.

At Latin Spanish we build upon what you know whilst simultaneously immersing you in both the language and culture. As the name implies, we teach Latin Spanish.

What’s the difference between Spanish spoken in Spain and Latin America (including the USA with its 50 million Spanish speakers)?

There are differences in accent, vocabulary and of course the use of plural forms vosotros and ustedes. Spanish spoken in Spain has two plural forms for the English “you”, vosotros and ustedes and both are commonly used. Vosotros is preferred for informal conversations, while ustedes is used in formal situations. But not in Latin America. Latin American speakers only use ustedes, so a little less grammar to learn! (Unless you are studying GSCE or A-Level Spanish, which in that case means we will teach you all about Vosotros, sorry!).

This is an oversimplification, Spanish spoken in Latin America is such a rich and diverse language, with differences evident throughout South America. However, If your pronunciation is good you will be understood in any of the twenty plus Spanish speaking countries you visit, whether your accent is Castilian, Dominican, Cuban or Columbian. Educated Spanish is understood anywhere in the Spanish-speaking world.

If you ready to start your learning journey and experience a new language and culture, then let us know, we would be happy to guide you along the way.

I needed to grasp the basics of Spanish before going on a dream work project around South America. Thank you Yanet for your patience and help, I now feel a lot more confident with my Spanish!


I have found Yanet to be an organised, thoughtful and generous teacher, she manages to explain the complexities of Spanish grammar in an understandable way, I highly recommend her.


Definitely recommend Latin Spanish for GCSE revision.  Yanet worked with my daughter, preparing for her GCSE exams and she is feeling a lot more confident about her Spanish now’, Thank you Yanet!

Barnham, West Sussex.

Loved learning with Yanet, very clear structured classes